Metro Rail


Considering the Indian government’s vision of development of metros in every major city, Synergiz Global has the best business practices required to build a metro project with a defined cost and in a definite time. Synergiz Global has the right expertise by gaining experience working in metro projects in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Nagpur. Currently, Synergiz Global is providing the business requirements for 5D BIM implementation at Nagpur Metro. Nagpur Metro is the first project in India to implement the 5D BIM system for monitoring the project.

Synergiz Global can provide the best practices in following areas:
  1. Schedule Management (Defining the WBS and critical activity schedule for both civil and systems contracts)
  2. Cost Management (defining the CBS system)
  3. Project controls (Cost+ Time+ Design management+ Site progress monitoring)
  4. Procurement Management, including packaging strategy (best ways to split the packages)
  5. Contract Management (process to control EoT, Change Order management)
  6. Risk Management
  7. Interface Management, across key systems and civil works
  8. Change control process
  9. Document control
  10. Communication and stakeholder management
  11. Design Management (review process, mapping in 3D)
  12. Finance Management (funding agency, stakeholders, cashflow and budgets)
  13. Dashboards and Analysis (Progress, Quality and Safety)
  14. Setting up of War Room to highlight the progress and issues.
Synergiz Global can provide our assistance to both the client and contractors in the metro. We can be a strategic partner to the client to monitor the progress and support the client in handling the project in a smooth way. We support the contractor by preparing the schedules and programme analysis reports through which the contractor can understand the deliverables to be submitted to the client as per the contractual norms.